HELLO, I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Sarah,

I’m passionate about guiding women to understand themselves and the power of their own bodies & minds. For years I've been helping women to tap into their inner well of self-healing, how to switch off stress and turn on healing, tune into the ‘inner self’ to hear it's voice and discover what their unique version of balance looks like.

I've met many women feeling overwhelmed and confused, unsure of what steps to take next. Health and well-being has been really overcomplicated, and can become a ridiculously expensive ride in our endeavours to find balance. The good news is that you are a powerful influence in your own health, it's rare to find something external that can provide a cure-all. Modern science has proven that a huge and often untapped resource lies within each of us to influence our own physiology, health and happiness. 

This concept is no longer new-age or alternative, highly experienced medical doctors and scientists are leading the research and dissemination of this extraordinary branch of knowledge about the mind-body-spirit connection. Some of my favourite thought leaders, researchers and writers in the field of mind-body-spirit medicine are Bruce Lipton, Lissa Rankin, Brene Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Dan Siegel and Gabor Mate. 

You deserve to shine brightly and benefit from the warmth of your inner glow, to feel strong and vibrant and live the life you’ve always dreamed of (or could dream of). I can guide you to connect to that which is important to you, to re-connect with you truly are- your joy and sense of fun and top tap into your infinite well of self-healing. 

My unique talents:

Holding a healing space of unconditional love & compassion. Recognising truths & conquering limitations. Seeing your unique talents. Extensive knowledge of traditional & holistic health, psychology, therapeutic approaches, spirituality & neuroplasticity. A strong intuitive sense to create the perfect approach for you. Laughter & playfulness- despite difficult circumstances, I get clients laughing- after all i't's the best medicine'. 

Sarah's professional bio:

Sarah is a holistic counsellor with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and a major in Education. She's an accredited Mental Health Clinician and has many years experience in the field. Sarah is passionate about women living lives which enable them to thrive. She has trained in evidence-based therapeutic approaches including Narrative Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and has an in-depth understanding of Neuroplasticity.  Sarah looks beyond symptoms to understand the root causes of imbalance. Sarah's clients value the lightness she brings to her work combined with knowledge, passion for change & a strong intuitive sense. 

Additional credentials:

Narrative Therapy, Trauma Informed Practice, Strengths Based Practice, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Reiki, Kinergetics, Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Lightning Process Training.