Getting unstuck (and pursuing your dreams)

                                                            Artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts

                                                            Artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts

Do you know what the number 1 most common factor in women's lack of life satisfaction is? It's permission. Women more often than not know what they want or need but are just longing for... and waiting, to be given permission to pursue their hearts true desires. 

I want you to really get what I'm on about here, so to further explain the concept of permission as a block I'm going to share with you a story of of a woman called Gemma. When I first met Gemma her business wasn't going terribly well and she was worried. Gemma confided in me that there were a myriad of issues causing stress in her business. She was enduring 'no show' clients, a relationship with a colleague that had her feeling powerless because he never kept up his end of the bargain, and a low mood at work. In front of me was an amazingly skilled and bright woman who I imagined would be very good at her job, yet I could hear that it wasn't working for her. 

Gemma went on to mention another type of work that she was interested in pursuing. I watched her light up as she spoke about her interest. Gemma went on to share with me about how she could see that her varied past experiences would come together beautifully in this new venture and how it would create a lifestyle she would love. I listened carefully, I became aware that she didn't know that she was allowed to pursue this 'dream' of a variation in her career. 

With this suspicion that permission was an underlying issue, I suggested she speak up and talk to the colleague who was causing so much uncertainty and make the changes necessary to steer her ship in a new direction.

Then came the e-mail, 'Thank you Sarah, I finally had that difficult conversation and I feel so much better!' The next time I saw Gemma she had left the situation that was draining her and looked much more vibrant, she told me that she was happy. 

Perhaps it's time to give yourself permission to create change. Is there an area in your life right now that you're waiting for permission??